When the dance disappears, the dance remains...

Leading to dance of heart...

Performing art is a form of creative activity that is performed in front of an audience, such as drama, music and dance. We can help explain our emotions, expressions and feelings. Performing art may include dance, music, opera, theatre, magic, performance art, recitation and public speaking.

Kala Ashram is an international organization and we focuses on imparting training in the field of kathak along with the various other associated disciplines i.e. vocal, instrumental music and yoga.

- Dr. Saroj Sharma
Dr. Saroj Sharma
Performing Arts

International Level

Our students already perform at Hungary, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Holland, Romania, Malaysia, Budapest and Singapore.


National & State Level

Our students perform at Pune festival, Delhi children festival, Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Samaroh, Jaipur festival and many more places.

Dance Forms


Benefits of Yoga

Once you understand them, you'll have even more motivation to step onto your mat.

Improves your flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. You'll notice that aches and pains start to disappear.

Builds muscle strength

Strong muscles do more than look good. They also protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain, and help prevent falls in elderly people.


Ups your heart rate

Studies have found that yoga practice lowers the resting heart rate, increases endurance, and can improve your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise.

Founds a healthy lifestyle

Move more, eat less—that's the adage of many a dieter. Yoga can help on both fronts.

Are you interested in dance & music?

We have couple of Degree & Certification Courses.

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